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Many Miles & More

Not your average travel blog…

For those who don’t know me, I’m Lily. The flamboyant lady you’ll often find wearing neon colours in situations where they are not appropriate (like a funeral). Good way to start I guess.

Many Miles and More began as a tiny little thought in my mind, and I’ve decided to give it a shot. I’ll be blogging about my life experiences travelling the world, giving advice in situations I’m probably not entitled to do so, and documenting every mess up I make along the way (they’ll be a lot, I promise). If all else fails, and nobody wants to read this, at least I’ll have something to look back on to commemorate my adventures…

Travel blogging in general scares me a little, mainly because I’m a bit of an anxious mess. For a while I convinced myself that I don’t have the life experience or innate talent to make a website dedicated to writing about travelling, and that there were so many better and well-versed people out there trying to do the exact same as me. I had to sit myself down and convince myself to stop beating myself up about unimportant things and to just do something because I wanted to, so that’s what I’m doing. I fashioned a cute little website up (I made this website all on my own! Be proud of me!), and got the gears turning.

If you want to know more about me (who wouldn’t) just click here and I’ll happily talk about myself even more!

Where I’ve Been

The summer of 2019 has been a great one for me travel wise…

After an excruciating exam period I spent a long weekend in the beautiful Amsterdam, sounds incredible right? It would have been even better if the person I was meant to go with didn’t cancel the night before, turning my stress-free holiday into an unexpected solo travel extravaganza. And it would have been even better if I didn’t mess up the plane tickets, and hadn’t ended up on a cramped coach for 16 hours. But I had a good time! I promise! Best weekend of my life! I’m sure a story about that entire fiasco will come soon, so keep your eyes pealed…

I also spent the most serene 2 weeks in Tarragona, Spain. My wonderful and incredible Spanish amiga invited me along to stay rent-free in her grandparent’s house in Spain, and who was I to say no? Constant access to the pool and free snacks courtesy of a little old Spanish grandma? Sign me up.

Where I’m Off To

On September 1st (the day I’m posting this!) I’ll be jetting off to spend a year working as an Au Pair for a lovely family in the beautiful city of Vienna. I know next to no German, so I’m setting myself a big challenge by fully immersing myself in Austrian culture. My host family speaks fluent English at least (thank god), but I aim to become at least semi-coherent in German by the time I’m done, wish me luck…

If you want to here more about Au Pairing - what it’s all about and how to get yourself that gig - stay tuned as I’ll be writing lots about my experience (aka, I’ll be milking it for content).

What to Expect

My perspective of the world is fairly unique. I’m young, 19 and basically still a baby, and that means I’m ready to learn and make mistakes and bring people along with me every step of the way. I am gay, so maybe I’ll avoid Russia, but I dream of attending pride parades in biggest cities of the world and visiting monuments of queer history. I’m a woman, which instantly makes travel ten times more terrifying, and million times more liberating. Being a woman is scary, especially out in the world alone, but being able to keep yourself safe and carrying on is such a good feeling. I (mainly) travel solo, and I have so many tips and tricks for people who want to do the same.

If any of that interests you at all, keep your eyes on this site. And if your not, lie to me please; I don’t handle criticism well.

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