Danube Tower : The Best View of Vienna

Danube Tower Pin

Danube Tower is one of my favourite spots in the entirety of Vienna, and you should never visit the city without visiting it at least once. Or twice. Or a few more times. 

Danube Tower is over 250m tall - that’s approximately 150 times my height, yes I did the maths - and holds the medal for the best way to view Vienna. You can see everything from up there, and I mean everything: the Danube River glistening in the sun, rows and rows of traditional Viennese houses, crowds of tourists with selfie sticks and digital cameras, my knickers when the wind inevitably blows my skirt up (let's be real, that's the best view in Vienna).

With a reasonable price tag of €14, you can experience all Vienna has to offer…

Danube Tower View
Danube Tower View

When to Visit

Easily the best time to visit Danube Tower would be sunset, if you arrive around 20 minutes before the sun is about to go down you can watch the sky come alive with colour. 

Now I’m not one to usually get all mushy and emotional, but it is truly a sight to be seen…

Danube Tower Sunset

The sun sets directly behind the Danube River, making the water appear to be actually sparkling. Literally, it looks like it’s been taken straight out of a cheesy romance movie. If you want to impress anyone and have a scenic romantic moment, this is definitely the place to do so. Hell, go all out and propose, I’d 100% say yes of the view was as fairy-tale esque as this:

Danube Tower View

Also, being atop a giant tower during golden hour is perfect for selfies, just saying.

Danube Tower Selfie

Travelling to Danube Tower

To get to the Danube Tower you’ll have to hop on the U6, one of the main train lines within Vienna, and get off at Neue Danau. But don’t worry, travel passes within Vienna are dirt cheap. It’ll cost you a few euros at most. 

The walk from the station to the tower is approximately 20 minutes, or you can catch the 20A bus and be there in a few minutes. I’d recommend taking the work, however, as the stroll along the Danube River to get there is half the fun. It’s almost as beautiful as the view from the tower. 

Danube River View

Danube Dining

Danube Tower has a multitude of options for having a snack and relax while experiencing a panoramic view of Vienna:

The Turm Restaurant within Danube Tower is an absolute treat for fine dining lovers, with cheese platters and an extensive wine list. Though not the cheapest, the prices are not as expensive as they could be, and if you have a bit of extra pocket change I’d definitely treat yourself to a dinner by the floor length windows. 

The tower also offers special packages specifically for dining, allowing discounts on entrance when eating up top, and having certain offers for brunch and romantic dinners. 

If you’re not that peckish, there is also Turm Cafe. Enjoy a smaller bite to eat, a slice of cake and a cup of steaming coffee. Stare out the window with your cuppa and feel like the star of your very own dramatic music video, all you need is the background music.

There is also a cafe, restaurant and beer garden at the foot of the tower, for the faint at heart who can’t handle the height!

Note: you’ll have to make a reservation for each of these, so make sure you plan ahead.

Danube Tower Special Events

Danube Tower also hosts a wide range of special events that are so worth your time, such as full moon astrological nights and watching fireworks on New Years. You can have a birthday party 250m up high, or even get married, talk about a unique wedding…